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Information Sec​urity Policy
As ELVAN GROUP; In our production of chocolate, cake, jelly, liqurice, wafer, biscuit, fondant, waffle, croissant and candy, which is our main field of activity;   Establishing, implementing, operating, maintaining its effectiveness and continuing continuous improvement activities by fulfilling the requirements of the Information Security Management System.   To meet the information security requirements by taking into account the legal conditions, contractual obligations of third parties and customer conditions, taking into account the existing and potential risks.    To meet requirements of Information Security,  To ensure Information Security in all the activities we carry out within our organization, To ensure the continuity and sustainability of all activities, especially critical business processes.   We aim to protect information in our organization, our customers and all companies that we serve.   In line with this purpose, it will be ensured that any confidential and commercial private information processed within the scope and limits of the Information Security Management System cannot be obtained by adhering to the terms of Confidentiality – Integrity – Accessibility.