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Our Values

Leaving behind half a century; Elvan continues to grow and develop in the world and Turkey. It is possible to summarize as follows, the corporate values of our company, which rejuvenates itself as it grows older and focuses on bigger goals;

Emotional Stability: As a general principle, Elvan who did not invest too much when the market condition was good, did not become pessimistic and stopped investing when it was bad. While it always maintained its caution and acted as if things would get worse after a while at times of good economic conditions, and in times of crisis, it has always maintained its optimism that the condition would improve in the future. This approach has provided Emotional Stability for Elvan.

Growth with Equity: With emotional stability, Elvan strengthened its equity capital, protected from virtual growth. It received the reward of this, especially in times of crisis. While the competitors shrank in times of crisis, Elvan grew up to 35 percent with its equity capital structure.

Focus on Innovation: With a decision taken at the meeting of the Evaluation and Audit Committee of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 27.09.2012, it was deemed appropriate to reward an R & D Center Certificate to Elvan. Thus, Elvan received the title of the company that established the first R&D Center in its sector. Putting innovation at the center of its activities with the center in question, Elvan has been rewarded with the increasing customer satisfaction and rapid growth. The fact that it was awarded the Innovation Award by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) in 2013 confirmed that it is on the right track.